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REVIEW: Cygnett Razor II Earphones

Cygnett is a company which is known for making smartphone cases, they have taken a new step into making audio products for consumers. Cygnett also makes the Razor II in ear headphones, which we is what we are reviewing. Razor II came in sturdy plastic box, the packaging was minimal and clean. The Razor II come in an black and cherry red color which makes them stand out from usual single color coated earphones. They have a flat non-tangle cable, which is very sturdy and not found at earphones of this price point. It also has a L-pin or bent pin 3.5mm audio jack, which we really like as it is more convenient and does not stick out like the straight jacks. The overall earphone design is crafted perfectly and it is built to last.



Now coming to question which matters, ’ How does it sound?!’. They sound great the bass is punchy with nice impact. The bass has depth to it and it is the perfect balance of great quantity and quality, still it is not as overpowering that it will overpower the mids and the highs. The mids are slightly forward and a bit recessed but that will take a great attention to identify that. They are detailed, and when called upon so they really make the difference which takes the sound to another level. The Treble is smooth, with no harshness, no treble spikes. I found a bit of veiled treble, a very little quantity.


It has a very fun sound signature, and with a smooth treble the sound is not at all exhausting, and the user can listen for hours. The soundstage is above average. These are loud and will be amazing for electronic dance music and hip hop. The fit is amazing too, I could jog with these on without breaking a seal or the earphones coming out, with a foam tip a better fit can be obtained than the standard silicone tip.


These are the perfect earphones for someone who really likes their bass and are looking for an earphone with splendid fit and looks. These should be ideal choice for an earphone at a price range of under 25$. We at The Dupertech highly recommend these earphones.

Here is the link to the website: http://www.cygnett.com/

Here is the Amazon link for earphone: Amazon

By Abraar & Raviraj.


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