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Samsung picks up the chamfered edges design from Apple - Introduces Galaxy Alpha

Apple - Diversity - Inclusion inspires innovation.

The Moto 360 will use this stylish wireless charger to charge

We now know more info about the hotly anticipated Moto 360 smartwatch from Motorola, thanks to a series of photos from Mister Gadget, aka Luca Viscardi. The foremost detail is a wireless inductive charger that looks easy to use — no small thing, since that fancy display will no doubt eat the battery quickly (though not as quickly as the G Watch, according to Viscardi). It’s also a wise choice considering the skin irritation bugs with the LG G Watch’s charging pins, which the Moto 360 lacks.

The original BioShock is headed to iOS this summer

If BioShock Infinite's brief stopover in Rapture wasn't enough to sate your Randian desires, 2K Games' China studio is currently in the process of moving the original BioShock from last-gen consoles and PC to iOS. Like XCOM: Enemy Unknown before it, BioShock is a “premium” iOS game and thus carries a “premium” price — that price is unknown thus far, but we’d put it somewhere in the $10 - $30 range. As one 2K Games rep told us in an interview late last week, “It is a seven year old game.” So perhaps on the lower-end of that scale, then.

FIFA 15 Gameplay Features - Agility and Control

Apple - iPhone 5s - Dreams

Xiaomi breaks new sales records in China and India

Today the recently unveiled Xiaomi Mi 4 went on sale in China for the first time. Given its specs and low price tag, you’d expect it to do well. Maybe not this well, though.

Xiaomi is proudly announcing that it sold out its entire first batch of Mi 4 smartphones in exactly 37 seconds. That’s obviously incredible performance, but the Chinese company has strangely left out the most important detail: how many units were part of this particular batch.

If the number as rumored is under 10,000 then it surely sounds less impressive.


The Last Of Us Movie Officially Announced, Sam Raimi To Produce

San Diego Comic-Con is known for bringing a lot of popular mediums together into one, with gaming making a bigger presence at the event in recent years. With The Last of Us Remastered set to release next week, a final trailer was shown for the game, which was followed by a major bombshell of the official announcement of a movie for The Last of Us, complete with the reveal of the producer and the lead target they want to play Ellie.

Sam Raimi, best known for his work on The Evil Dead series and first Spider-Man trilogy is attached as the producer of the project, which seems like a great fit. Granted his movies have always had an element of camp that likely will not be seen here. In addition, it was revealed who their lead target to play Ellie is in the movie, Maisie Williams. Williams is best known for playing the sassy and strong-willed Arya on Game of Thrones. Sounds like about the same kind of character right?

No information was given on who they were targeting for Joel, but Bruce Campbell was involved with the panel as well, hinting at a possible cameo or another role besides Joel. NeoGAF had some fantastic suggestions for the role of Joel, including Hugh Jackman and Josh Brolin. Who would you like in that role if given the choice?

During the Last of Us panel, Neil Druckmann mentioned the use of the game’s voice actors in the movie in some capacity.

“In an ideal world, Ashley Johnson would be 14. But there’s some way to get those actors into the film.”
It would be quite cool to see some cameos in the movie by Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker, but hopefully they are done well. It appears along with Assassin’s Creed, we are finally getting respectable directors and casts associated with video game movies, so hopefully this is a good sign for the quality of them once they eventually release.

First Look: Spigen Thin Fit / A for iPhone 6 (4.7”)

How confident is Spigen in the size, shape, and dimensions of Apple’s as-yet-unannounced iPhone 6 / iPhone Air? Enough to debut Thin Fit and Thin Fit A ($15), new form-fitting shells made to protect the sides and backs of Apple’s next-generation 4.7”-screened iPhone. The basic Thin Fit versions come in clear and opaque versions, including one non-slip black version, slightly pearlescent white, and light blue. Each has holes for the side-mounted controls and rear camera, plus complete coverage gaps for the iPhone’s top, bottom, and front. Thin Fit A adds a circular cut-out for the Apple logo, albeit with clear protection to keep the logo from being scratched; it comes in flat black and gunmetal versions. As the photos show, each case’s rounded sides, noticeably greater height, and slightly larger width suggest that the next iPhone’s 4.7” screen will be markedly larger than the 4” iPhone 5/5c/5s displays. They’ll be available for purchase in late September.







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